Filmopname van een LIPDUP bij Basisschool OBS Meander

Filmopname van een LIPDUP bij Basisschool OBS Meander
GODOGOOD Nederland

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Follow your heart and soul

When i was younger say about 6 years old. I came to understand that how we treat our envoirment ,[ like animals and nature] is a reflection of us. And because of that consiousness, i had developed many ways in my head to do something about this !Became a vegetarian. Now i am a grown women and half a year ago this fire that i had in me when i was young , started to rise. To let me do the things that are of importance for me and you and create in benefit for the envoirment. Because this live is not about money and buying stuff and
not paying attention , we can rise above that and really see what is going on. If you have some good idea's you want to share please let us know so we can make a diffrence together.

Have a beautiful day and give your energy for the good!!.
Evelien Dumont

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